Tempur-Sealy Mattresses

Reinholt's is the only mattress store in the area to work with all three brands of the Tempur-Sealy lineup:





There are few things in life you will use more than your mattress. If 1/3 of your time is spent in bed, that totals over 29,000 hours you'll be there over the next 10 years. It's important to make those hours as beneficial as possible. A new mattress from Tempur-Pedic, Sealy or Stearns & Foster works while you sleep. It's where you recharge after a long day so you wake up feeling rested and ready to take on a new morning. 



With the new Crown Jewel Collection, you can expect to find a quality sleep system at a lower price. Enjoy a comfortable, restful night of sleep using innovative features normally found on more expensive beds. While these mattresses are often used by adults, they are especially ideal for children and guest bedrooms. These mattress sets are available in all standard sizes: Twin, TwinXL, Full, Queen, King and California King.


The new Response Series sets the standard for support, comfort and durability. These sets combine the specially engineered Sealy Response™ Coil system that adjusts to the natural curves and alignment of your spine, the power-packed CoreSupport™ Center to enhance comfort and resist body impressions where you need it most, and the SolidEdge™ HD System designed to provide a solid seating edge and increase the usable sleep surface by 10-20%. Available in a wide-variety of comforts to give you the options you need for the best night of sleep possible.


If you think all memory foam sleeps hot then it's time to Chill out in the new Conform Collection. Combining the coolness of SealyChill™ Gel Memory Foam with the wicking power of the new Moisture Protect™ Cover, you can rest assured your temperature will stay even and comfortable. Enjoy the pressure-relieving support of memory foam as the mattress contours to your natural curves and you'll fall into a deeper, more restful night of sleep. Beneath the memory foam is a high-density foam core to give you uniform support and keep your neck and spine properly aligned. It even absorbs motion so you're less likely to feel your partner's movements. Each mattress set comes with a 90 Night Comfort Guarantee to make sure you love it, plus a 10 Year Full Replacement Warranty to ensure it does everything it's supposed to do for years to come.

The Premier Hybrid Series is Sealy's newest innovation and combines the best sleep technologies into one incredible mattress. The top half offers the cooling, body-hugging comfort of gel memory foam while the bottom half gives the strength and support of titanium alloy springs. These individually-encased coils help reduce motion to give you a night of undisturbed rest. For extra durability, Sealy's CoreSupport™ Premier Center offers even more gel memory foam and nearly 20% more coils to reinforce the area of the mattress that needs it most -- under our hips. Finally, for extra peace of mind, every Premier Hybrid mattress comes with a 90 Night Comfort Guarantee.


Truly the Best of the Best. Stearns & Foster uses only the finest materials and technologically-advanced designs to create a sleep system that stands tall above the rest. Their team of specially-trained and certified craftsmen then work primarily by hand, giving attention to every detail. The result is the most luxurious and supportive mattress available today. Ideal for those people who sleep "hot", features such as silk, cashmere and tencel blended covers, PrimaFlow™ vents, and Outlast infused memory foam provide the ideal temperature range for deep, relaxing sleep. Stearns & Foster is the oldest mattress company in operation today, dating back to 1846 (15 years before Abraham Lincoln became president).


Sometimes it's just not possible to make yourself comfortable on a flat mattress, especially if you have back issues, shoulder or neck problems, acid reflux, or breathing difficulties. The solution is simple. Let any of Sealy's three Adjustable Bed Base options put you in control of a great night's sleep.  They're simple and very effective! Top it off with any Crown Jewel, Response, Conform, Premier Hybrid or Stearns & Foster mattress and you'll take adjustable comfort to an entirely new level.






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