Adjustable Bases

More and more people are discovering the benefits of sleeping on an adjustable bed. While being able to sit up to read or watch TV might be reason enough to use one, the biggest advantage you'll receive is the freedom to put yourself in the best, most comfortable position for a good night of rest. We've heard too many stories over the years of people who sleep in their recliner because they can't relax on a flat mattress. Unfortunately, a recliner doesn't offer any support so they end up trading one problem for another. That's why we offer three adjustable base options from Tempur-Sealy. You choose your favorite mattress then ramp up the comfort by controlling the way you sleep. You can take pressure off your low back by raising the foot, allow for better breathing and help reduce snoring by raising the head, or do it all and enjoy the best night of rest you've had in years. The massage feature helps relax your muscles and improves circulation. It will be one of those times in life when you ask yourself, "Why did I wait so long?" Come into Reinholt's and see what an adjustable bed can do for you.


Select from 30 Tempur-Sealy Mattresses to Add to Your Adjustable Base



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