Power/Lift Chairs

If you have back problems, leg pain, or even arm issues, we have some great recliner options to put you in a position of comfort. If you are one of the many people who have trouble tugging on a handle to raise a footrest, we have power chairs that do the work for you. All you have to do is sit down and press a button. You'll feel a smooth lift of your legs and then can continue into a fully reclined position. If you need a little extra assistance getting up out of a chair we have power chairs that will lift you into a position that is easy to step out and onto your feet. Do you have back issues that need extra attention? We have power recliners that will lean you back to zero gravity and take all the stress off your back. You can even add heat and massage for a little extra relief. With all the options available, we invite you to stop into our store and try them for yourself. Your body will thank you.


These pictures are intended to show styles we have had on our showroom floor.  While we do make an effort to keep the pictures current, they do not always reflect our current inventory or fabric color.

Power Recliners - operates the back or footrest with the touch of a button

(most La-Z-Boy styles are available in power)


LZB 403
LZB 502
LZB 512
LZB 5152
LZB 519
LZB 535
LZB 709
LZB 765



Lift Chairs with Power Recline

(select models available in 3 sizes)

UC 214
UC 332
UC 480
UC 482
UC 484
UC 542
UC 542 ME6
UC 544
UC 550
UC 556
UC 680
LZB 521




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