Furniture Care

Now that you've selected something nice for your home, be sure to take care of it the best way possible. We have excellent products that will keep your items looking good for years to come.


WOOD:  We use Guardsman polish that will keep the shine without all the waxy build-up. We also have touch-up pens for when life happens and you need to recolor some knicks and scratches.

FABRIC:  We have a fantastic protection product that helps prevent stains, reduce static, and even resist fading. This is a must for most homes. It even comes with a 5 year warranty. If you don't go with the fabric protection and need to clean a spot, we have two very good cleaning products to work on food or grease-based stains.

LEATHER:  There are two products every leather owner MUST have. First, you'll want to use a leather cleaner on a regular basis to clean off the oils from your arms and head that can start to pull up the color from your leather. Second, you need to use a leather conditioner to keep the protective seal on your leather from drying and cracking. This should be done four times a year. For added protection and ease of mind we also have a leather warranty plan that covers things like cuts, rips, tears, burns and stains.

MATTRESS:  We have excellent mattress protectors that not only help keep your mattress clean, but also are waterproof, dust mite resistant, anti-microbial, and breathable (so it won't make you hot).


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