If you were baking a cake you might top it off with fancy icing and decorations to give it the perfect look. In your home, you give it the perfect look by using accent pieces. Accent pieces will not only add something original to the room, but will also bring out the best in everything else. Fill spaces large and small with the "just right" piece you've been needing.      


These pictures are intended to show styles we have had on our showroom floor.  While we do make an effort to keep the pictures current, they do not always reflect our current inventory.

PR 1060318
PR 1064320
PUL 704324
PUL 974210
UTT 13734
UTT 23008
BUT 0054025
BUT 0986024
BUT 1773024
BUT 1911024
PUL 704229
TEI 8807
PUL 977107
UTT 23023



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