Home Office

Computers have revolutionized the home office segment of furniture. More people are able to work at home. Families are utilizing them for education, organization and relaxation. It's no wonder why so many of us are looking for furniture to build around them. Whether you use a computer or not, we have desks available to make your work or play a little more enjoyable. A desk can also help maximize the space you have available for storage and can help keep your work area from falling into chaos. Let us help you find the desk that best meets your needs.


These pictures are intended to show styles we have had on our showroom floor.  While we do make an effort to keep the pictures current, they do not always reflect our current inventory.

LEG OS6201
LEG SD6200
LIB 230-OT1530
LIB Hampton Bay
RIV American Crossings
RIV Cantata
RIV Craftsman Home
RIV Falls Village
RIV Seville Square
RIV Summit
SLF Madison
WYN Camden
WYN Lancaster
WYN Newberry


LEG Traditional
PR Carlton
PR Cherry

File Cabinets

LEG Scottsdale
WYN Newberry


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