The last time you purchased a car did you wish you knew someone in the car business who would give you honest advice and better insight into what your options truly were? We've been there too. We understand how it feels to research things we may or may not know much about, comparison shop countless businesses, each piling on different information, and hope that if you have questions or problems down the road you will get the same attention you received before you made the purchase.

At Reinholt's we want you to think of us as your friends in the furniture business. You can ask us questions and expect honest answers. We'll work with you to be sure we understand your needs and then will show you practical ideas to meet those needs. We'll make sure you get the quality you want at a price you can afford. Finally, when you have questions later on, we'll be here to offer the help and advice you need. Stop in and see the difference it makes when shopping at Reinholt's...your friends in the furniture business.

While nothing beats coming into our store to see things in person, we do realize the benefits of doing some "scouting" online. Using the Showroom Links you'll be able to check us out and get a feel for the items we have to offer. You can even email us with questions. Then, when the time is right, we invite you to stop in and see all the great options we have available for you.

Select a link to learn more about all the great furniture we offer here at Reinholt's.

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